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New products of Glass Standing Desk appeared at the 52nd CIFF Shanghai 2023

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The China International Furniture Fair Shanghai, kicked off at the Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition Center from September 5-8, showcased a comprehensive range of home furnishing exhibits. As the leading trade fair in the industry, CIFF Shanghai covered the entire home furnishing supply chain, encompassing design, international, sleeping, living and dining, office, commercial, and hotel furniture.

Among the impressive displays at this year's exhibition, FUMEI presented a remarkable new product with versatile applications. The multi-functional gaming standing desk emerged as a customer favorite, attracting the attention of numerous domestic and international businessmen, who paused to observe and inquire about potential collaborations.


This new gaming desk combines aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge technology. Featuring wireless charging, desktop heating, a light effect switch, and brightness adjustment, it delivers a gaming experience that resonates with young people. Its fashionable design and thoughtful features prioritize the well-being of gamers.

*** This desk with LED lights can help enhance the atmosphere of the room and make it more appropriate for a gamer.

*** The surface's edges are lined with an LED strip that emits mesmerizing color combinations, which gives you a more immersive experience.

*** This adjustable desk features a wireless charger on the work surface to allow to charge the phone easily without cable mess.

*** Ensure that all your hands are kept warm while working on the desk.


Mr. Liu, the General Manager of FUMEI, expressed the company's commitment to designing and developing ergonomic products that cater to users of all age groups amidst the complex and ever-changing industry landscape. He stated, "We will strive to create a one-stop intelligent office and home service system, offering high-quality, valuable products and solutions to the industry."

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