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Office Solution

Our products whether it’s sit stand range or monitor arm, they’ll fit in nicely in your current work setting while enhancing the collaboration and productivity bearing healthy posture in mind.
Our products designs are ergonomics, comfort, flexibility and productivity.

Home Solution

Provide a variety of products such as height adjustable desks, lifting tables, carts, and various brackets.
Our sit-stand desks are flexible for kids, students and adults with height adjustable design and can be adapted easily for everyone.
To prevent ourselves from suffering from working remotely at home, it’s important to set your laptop or computer monitors at the right angles and right heights when needed, whether on the floor, at the coffee table, kitchen or on the bed.

Healthcare Solution

We manufacture a variety of sheet metal medical device components, assemblies and products: hospital beds, wheelchairs, custom medical carts, enclosures, and more for clinic, hospital, medical facilities, consulting rooms, nursing facilities, retirement homes and long term care facilities.

Electric Vehicles Solution

From 2021, we increased the service for customers to offer energy storage cabinet and provide a safe efficient solution for this challenge.

 Ergonomic Standing Desk Manufacturer


Sheet Metal Fabrication Provider

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