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Multi-level Glass Sit-Stand Desk for Height Adjustable Workstation

Single Motor/Square Tube/Reversed Column/2-Stage
  • FS02-22R-B-01


Frame Material: SPCC

Frame Type: Electric (Single Motor)

Table Top Dimensions: (1000-1600mm)*(600-800mm)

Desk Frame Height: 720-1200mm

Maximum Speed: 25mm/s

Noise Level: <50dB

Weight Capacity: 80KG


◆ The electronic control handset positions the work surface at any height between 730mm and 1210mm

     from a short table to create an ergonomic and comfortable work environment

◆ One motore with Preset Controller. With its smooth operation and noise level below 50dB.

◆ The frame is made with SPCC and designed 1010mm in width.

◆ The ability to expand the frame offers the user a big variation in desktop sizes from 1000mm to 1600mm length. The desktop can be 1 piece or two pieces put together.


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