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FUMEI Technology New Year's Opening Ceremony

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FUMEI Technology New Year's Opening Ceremony

On the morning of February 18th, the FUMEI Technology New Year's Opening Ceremony took place at the factory. The event was attended by Mr. Liu Yonghua, the General Manager of FUMEI Technology, along with middle and senior leaders from various positions, and hundreds of employees.

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During the ceremony, Mr. Liu expressed his gratitude to all FUMEI members for their hard work and selfless dedication to the company throughout the previous year. He acknowledged that the collective efforts of the employees, who contribute to the production of Ergonomic Furniture were instrumental in achieving steady business growth in 2023.

Looking ahead to the new year, Mr. Liu outlined the company's general development goal as follows: "improve quality and efficiency, and focus on craftsmanship." FUMEI will continue to drive the transformation and upgrading process, emphasizing high-quality development to inject new energy and vitality into the company's progress.

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Red Packets

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Light Firecrackers

To celebrate the return to work and the New Year, Ms. Yang, the Finance Manager of FUMEI, distributed red packets to the family members present at the start of the workday, bringing joyous smiles to everyone's faces. Some family members expressed their happiness, stating, "Receiving the red packet to start work feels heartwarming. We will strive harder in the future!"

Following that, the management of FUMEI Technology lit firecrackers together. Wishing a prosperous start!

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