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Compact Steel Frame Electric Standing Desk for Workstation

Dual Motor/Round Tube/Standard Column/2-Stage
  • FM01-22D-01


 Frame Material: SPCC

 Frame Type: Electric (Dual Motor)

 Table Top Dimensions: (1200-2200mm)*(700-1000mm)

 Desk Frame Height: 710-1190mm

 Maximum Speed: 28mm/s

 Noise Level: <50dB

 Weight Capacity: 100KG

   FM01-22D-1 standing DESK

◆ Standing desk after years of constant iteration. The electric sit-stand desk features two sturdy lifting columns with two-stage lifting segments and a height range of 730mm to 1210mm, making it suitable for all people.

Each lifting column is equipped with a motor synchronized by a single control box tucked away neatly

     within the frame. The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments.

◆ When encountering something during the lift, the desk frame will bounce 2cm in the opposite direction

     and stop automatically.

The frame is made with SPCC and designed to extend from 1000mm to 1700mm in width.

The ability to expand the frame offers the user a big variation in desktop sizes from 1200mm to 2200mm length.

All the necessary hardware and instructions for assembly.


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