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Compact Steel Frame Electric Standing Desk for Multiple Choices

Dual Motor/Round Tube/Standard Column/2-Stage
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  • FM01-22D-01


 Frame Material: SPCC

 Frame Type: Electric (Dual Motor)

 Table Top Dimensions: (1200-2200mm)*(700-1000mm)

 Desk Frame Height: 710-1190mm

 Maximum Speed: 28mm/s

 Noise Level: <50dB

 Weight Capacity: 100KG


   FM01-22D-1 standing DESK

◆ The electric sit-stand desk features two sturdy lifting columns with two-stage lifting segments and a height range of 730mm to 1210mm, by simply adjusting the height of the desk, you can switch between  sitting and standing positions, promoting better blood circulation and reducing strain on your hands.

◆ Invest in your wellbeing and productivity with our ergonomic electric standing desk .Upgrade your workspace today and say goodbye to discomfort.

◆ The electric motor system is friendly to environment and we promise a 2-year free warranty.

The frame can be extended  in width,which allow user to adjust  from 1000mm to 1700mm and choose the board according to their own needs.

The bases are reliably stocked in three colors, with optional custom color match capabilities.

◆ We understand the importance of environmental sustainability, which is why our desk is crafted using      materials carefully selected in accordance with our national policies.


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